The Human, Earth Project

SB - The Human, Earth Project 2All the travellers to Asia will know the stories of little girls forced into prostitution. Many people are working to get these girls out of the prostitution. Among them is award-winning film-maker Ben Randall. In 2010, he spent three months in a small town in Vietnam, close to the Chinese Border. In this town, Randall befriended a 15 year-old girl named M. Eleven months after Randall left, M. was abducted. She had contact with her family only once after.
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London versus Barcelona

This summer I had the pleasure of travelling to two of the most popular cities in Europe. In the beginning of July, you could find me at the Spanish Costa, while I was in rainy London about a week ago.

My personal best would be London for the following reasons. As a student of English you cannot afford to never have been to the Great Britain. I was very excited that I booked another trip, right after I got back from Barcelona. London is like a fairy tale to me. The place where William the Conquerer build his palace – nowadays known as the Tower of London, which you can still visit – and the theatre. A place where people speak English perfectly and I could actually understand them without trying too hard.  Continue reading London versus Barcelona

United States: Grand Canyon

The United States of America have many National Parks, which are either maintained by the government or Native Americans. Because the maintenance of parks is pretty expensive, almost every park asks for an entering fee. So always keep in mind that once you enter a National Park by car, foot or bike you probably need to pay a fee. One of the most famous parks on American grounds is Grand Canyon National Park, in which the Grand Canyon is the biggest highlight. Continue reading United States: Grand Canyon

France: La Joue du Loup

Before I start to tell about La Joue du Loup, there is something about Dutch people you should know. The Netherlands is a very very very flat country. Our biggest “hill” is 200 metres high and the only place to do some skiing or snowboarding is an inside hall called Snowworld. Since we do not have the hills, we always go to Austria or in my case France. What we like to do with these villages is swallow them. In La Joue you will find a bar called De Prins van Oranje (Prins of Orange – which is a title our royalty have). The local supermarket is owned by a Dutch woman and most people walking around in the winter season are Dutch. Honestly, for me walking around in La Joue in the winter is the same as walking in Sunny Beach, Lloret da Mar or Chersonissos in the summer. So, if you are looking for a Dutch-free holiday, Tirol, La Joue du Loup and Val Thorens aren’t the places for you.Facebook - La Joue  Continue reading France: La Joue du Loup

Kenya: Pumpkin Bean Stew

The Kenyan kitchen has different influences from their homeland, to Asia and other parts of Africa. In my research I found Susan Kamau’s Kenyan Kitchen. Susan Kamau is a writer of a Kenyan cookbook and she also hosts a tv show, which can be found on youtube. The Pumpkin Bean Stew is one of her recipes and more can be found at her site.Kenya - Pumpkin Bean Stew Continue reading Kenya: Pumpkin Bean Stew